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Standing Amazed!God is absolutely amazing! His attributes demonstrate His majesty and He shows His grace through the greatest gift ever given  - His Son, Jesus Christ.  Not only is His power exhibited throughout the universe in magnificent displays, He shows it through the way He works out the details of our lives. Recently, the staff of CFM has been in a unique position to see God work in the details. In September, Christ For Me, Inc. had a major problem arise with the Risograph, a digital duplicator that CFM uses to print lessons and publications.  Since September, the duplicator has been down for repair. During that time, Ron Goossen, the Director of Christ For Me, was  informed that Risograph had discontinued that particular machine and would not provide support or parts for it in the future. For that reason, the ministry began the process of raising funds for a high speed production printer. A quote was given for a Konica Minolta Bizhub C654 and CFM began actively raising $35,000 in order to purchase the printer.

Recently, a new development happened. Originally, CFM sought information about a commercial grade production printer. The $50,000 price tag seemed out of reach. But nothing is impossible with God. On Friday, January 25, 2013, Ron was told about a high-speed commercial grade production printer that was used as a demonstration model. It has a low amount of copies and the purchase price is only $16,000, far less expensive than the Bizhub C654. This printer is better quality and it will be a perfect fit for the ministry. With half of the needed funds already available, the CFM board decided to pursue the purchase of this machine. At this point, the ministry has $8,000 toward the printer and needs another $8,000 before the end of March in order to pay for it in full. Would you consider helping with this project. You can give online through Pay Pal.

Christ For Me, Inc. shares the Word of God with people across the United States and around the world through four distinct avenues:

  • The Mailbox Ministry is a Bible correspondence school which offers over 200 courses.
  • The Publication Ministry provides free and low-cost resources for reading and study.
  • A local Jail Ministry in NE Oklahoma at the Wagoner, Delaware, and Jess Dunn facilities.
  • for kids and for online Bible courses encompass the Internet ministry.


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